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My pipes are mostly made of briar. Although I don't use other materials as much, there are several pipes made of bog oak (morta), olivewood, strawberry tree, or some other wood in my collection. Most of my pipes are smoothly finished with glossy shine from carnauba wax. I use all kinds of exotic materials for pipe decorations, mostly deer antlers, horns, boxwood, karelian birch, cocobolo, bocote or some other type of hardwood. Bamboo is also a great material, and I use it often, when pipe design allows such an intervention.


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Karelian birch/ebony/ebonite pipestand and briar tamper for a horn pipe

Pipe stand made in karelian birch, ebony and ebonite, tamper made in briar to match the pipe.




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Olive wood/bamboo pipestand and tamper for one of my pipes

Pipe stand made in olive wood with bamboo and acrylic.

Made as a set for one of my pipe.








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